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Website & branding for

NYC Electronix

NYC Electronix is an upcoming web shop based in New York, dabbling in electronic gadgetry, both - old and new.

Web design for


Brand selling high quality furniture.

Web design for

Marked I Sentrum

Marked I Sentrum is a new monthly marketplace held in the city of Stavanger, following the good old European tradition.

Web design for


Kristelig Folkepartis Ungdom (Young Christian Democrats) is the youth league of the Christian Democratic Party of Norway.

Web design for

Sjøhuset Skagen

Sjøhuset Skagen is a boathouse restaurant in Stavanger, which was built around 1770

Web design for

Forus Energigjenvinning

Forus Energigjenvinning is an environmental company in Sandnes that operates with energy recovery from waste.

Website & branding for


The Rockwell design was created as a base web template for a brand new tropical resort in Fiji.

Web design for

Night Chat

Night Chat is an Estonian television programme on Kanal 12

Web design for

GMV Milling

GMV Milling's production is mainly focused on machining for gas and oil industries, offshore and onshore.

About me

What I do

Graphic design

For the last five years, my focus has mostly been on providing quality graphical content for the web and digital domain in general, but I'm also experienced in print and logo design, plus pretty much everything else requiring proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Front-end development

Though I am quite new to coding, I try to refine this skill with every given project. Coming from a background of heavily thought-out UX design, I know how important it is for design to be functional, logical and able to adapt to different devices and viewing conditions.

Sound design

I've been making, mixing and mastering music for ten years now, as well as composing bits and pieces for commercial clips and doing a bit of sound design for video games. If you need to make your sound stand out or even made from the scratch up, just holler!


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